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Combine everything from discussion management, bounties and task management, voting, payouts, education and rewards.

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What makes DAO Manager Different

GATING based on everything!

Be it roles, be it reputation, be it wallet holdings or be it traits of their NFTs. We can help you automate groups based on rules that come pre-built when you setup a workspace.

LINKED bounties, proposals and voting

Why have silos when you can have every tasks or bounty or vote linked to the original community discussions?

Review, Pay & Reward

Review submissions, pay from within the tool in just one click and reward contributors with NFTs resulting into leaderboard and progressive access to more unique offerings.

Manage your contributors, your way

Bird's eye view into everything that's cooking across your community

Import products from Github as well and track completion, add sub-tasks and identify the projects slowing down.

Auto-Verifiable Quests and tasks

Help your contributors build their reputation and earn by completing bounties. Create one or a sequence of tasks and auto-verify submissions leading to payouts.

Courses to Empower and Educate your members

DAO Manager brings to you the ability to create courses. Courses follow evaluation which can result in awarding of NFTs or roles that unlock access.

Customize Your Community Experience Using

Communities should make you feel like you belong. You can always switch sections on and off to design the environment that your members spend time in.

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What people are

I love the product. It's detailed, customisable and super efficient for practically any discord community. I particularly like the feature where communities can directly create tasks from discussion threads and get working on them.
Tanisha Katara
Governance, Polygon
First, worth mentioning how the discussion was narrowed down in a live poll conducted via the #DAOmanager tool.
GAOA Network
You have managed to address all the key pain points faced by communities and we can't wait to see the impact it will have. 🔥
Paolo Di Gigilo
Founder, Colibry

Announcing Robin AI


Catch-us live as we unveil a head-turning product at the intersection of AI and communities on the main stage at DAO Denver at 11:00 AM, 1st March.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Users Questions
How to migrate your data from our existing forums?

It takes us less than 2 minutes to migrate everything for you. The functionality is available directly in the UI. Simply connect your Discourse and you're set. If you need to migrate some other forum, manual help is also available.

My Community is small. Do I really need the platform?

Switching from an inefficient workflow to an efficient one is best done sooner or else the cost becomes very high. You're the best judge but If you're concerned, talk to us :)

How do we take care of custom requirements?

If you're an a community manager, we understand that you want to extend a red carpet in term of user experience. We want the same. So if you need help in making custom changes to your UI, then reach out to us. We will do it in a jiffy!

DaoLens helps with minting of NFTs. Are there hidden charges?

Our NFTs for now come with no cost for the first 2000 issues. thereafter a very small processing fee is used. If the platform on which the NFT is being minted has no fee, you'll never have to worry about paying us a dime extra.

Need help in setting up the community?

Asking questions is never a bad idea. We understand that sometimes setting up can be taxing. Reach out to us through the chatbot on the bottom right of the screen and we will make sure we jump on a call and be with you wherever you need.

How much do I have to pay?

It feels unreal but the DAO Manager is available free of cost until March 2023 and those who deploy the tool will get free access for the next 6 months at the very least and likely will be so for more duration.

Will there be handholding and support?

Asking questions is never a bad idea. We understand that sometimes setting up can be taxing. Reach out to us through the chatbot on the bottom right of the screen and we will make sure we jump on a call and be with you wherever you need.

How do we send feature requests?

You can submit any feature through our support chat box or simply drop an email to We're very pro-active in taking these suggestions up into our pipeline. In-fact, we recognize folks who help us shape our roadmap and we rewards them with perks. Shoot your shot.

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