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Devika Khandelwal, Oct 22, 2022

25 Strategies For Increasing Community Engagement

As a community manager, it's important to increase engagement in your online community in order to foster a sense of belonging and drive user retention. Here are 30 strategies to boost engagement:

  1. Host discussions and ask open-ended questions to encourage participation. This does not necessarily need to be limited to just the scope of your community, conversations about anything people care about help engagement!

  2. Encourage members to share their own content, such as blog posts or videos.

  3. Offer exclusive perks or content to create a sense of exclusivity.

  4. Host events or webinars to connect members and provide value.

  5. Encourage members to share their personal successes and failures with the community. This can make your community a place where people come to celebrate their accomplishments, and also a safe space for them to seek support.

  6. Use personalized greetings and thank members for their contributions.

  7. Offer rewards and incentives for participation.

  8. Use polls and surveys to gather feedback and insights.

  9. Encourage members to answer others' questions.

  10. Host contests or challenges to encourage content creation and sharing.

  11. Use gamification techniques, such as badges and leaderboards, to drive engagement.

  12. Use multimedia content, like images and videos, to make your community more visually appealing.

  13. Host Q&A sessions with experts or industry leaders to provide value.

  14. Allow cross-promotion by letting members share their own content or events.

  15. Create subgroups or sub-communities within your larger community to foster a sense of belonging.

  16. Promote your community on social media to drive traffic.

  17. Establish community guidelines and enforce them to create a welcoming atmosphere.

  18. Host virtual events or meetups to bring members together in real-time.

  19. Use personalized recommendations or curated content to surface relevant information.

  20. Allow members to have a say in the direction and future of the community to create a sense of ownership.

  21. Encourage collaboration and co-creation by hosting hackathons or other events that allow members to work together.

  22. Use analytics and metrics to understand what works and what doesn't in your community.

  23. Host regular calls to informally discuss relevant news, updates, or even interesting content and ideas that are relevant to your niche.

  24. Offer educational content like courses and tutorials.

  25. Use Twitter optimally; be funny, make memes!

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