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Yashwardhan Chauhan, Oct 22, 2022

Guide to Onboarding: Community Engagement

To create a guide on maintaining member engagement in a community, we'll need to first understand what member engagement is and why it's important for community managers to focus on it.

Member engagement refers to the level of participation and involvement of members in a community. This can include activities such as contributing to discussions, responding to other members' posts, participating in events or activities, and generally being active in the community.

Maintaining high levels of member engagement is important for several reasons:

  1. First, engaged members are more likely to continue to participate in the community and contribute to its growth and success. This can help the community to thrive and become a valuable resource for its members.

  2. Second, engaged members are more likely to provide valuable insights and feedback that can help the community manager to improve and evolve the community. This can help to ensure that the community remains relevant and useful to its members.

  3. Third, engaged members are more likely to be advocates for the community and promote it to others. This can help to attract new members and grow the community even further.

A key reason why participation may not happen is a lack of clarity around the purpose and goals of participation. If members of your community are unsure of why they should participate, or what they will get out of it, they are less likely to engage. It is important to clearly communicate the benefits of participation, such as the opportunity to have a voice in decision-making, the chance to contribute to the growth and development of the community, and the potential to build connections with other members.

Another reason why participation may not happen is a lack of an elegant onboarding experience and support for new members:

An effective onboarding experience is crucial for maintaining member engagement in a community. This is because the onboarding experience is the first impression that new members have of the community, and it can set the tone for their future participation. An effective onboarding experience should provide new members with the information and resources they need to get started, and should also help them to understand the goals and expectations of the community. By providing a positive and engaging onboarding experience, community managers can help to ensure that new members are more likely to become active and engaged members of the community.

Our onboarding tool is ideal to help with this:

Give a brief overview of your DAO:



In addition to onboarding, it is important to create systems and structures that facilitate and encourage participation. This can include setting up channels and forums for discussion, providing opportunities for members to contribute content and ideas, and establishing clear processes for decision-making and feedback. By creating systems that are easy to use and understand, you can help members feel more connected and engaged with your community.

Treasure DAO's server can help illustrate this:


Automated Updates:

A very important way you can maintain member interest and engagement in a community is to use a system of automated updates. This can include sending regular newsletters or emails to members with updates on the latest happenings in the community, as well as notifications about new discussions or events. By providing regular updates, community managers can help to keep members informed and engaged, and can also help to remind them of the value and relevance of the community. Automated updates can also help to save time for the community manager, as they can be scheduled in advance and sent automatically, without the need for manual intervention.

Overall, maintaining high levels of member engagement in a community requires dedication and effort from the community manager, but the rewards – a thriving, active community – are well worth it.

Here are some other general tips you can use to maintain community engagement:

  1. Set clear goals and expectations for the community. This can help to provide direction and focus for the community and its members, and can also help to ensure that the community remains relevant and valuable.

  2. Provide regular, engaging content. :This can include starting discussions on relevant topics, sharing interesting news or resources, and organizing events or activities.

  3. Encourage participation from all members. This can include asking for input and feedback on decisions, recognizing and thanking members for their contributions, and responding to posts and comments in a timely manner.

  4. Foster a welcoming and inclusive environment: This can include setting clear rules and guidelines for behavior, and taking steps to prevent inappropriate behaviour, such as bullying and harrassment or attempts at scams. Bankless DAO allows members to report scams on a dedicated channel:


5 **Continuously assess and improve he community- This can include tracking metrics such as member engagement, participation, and satisfaction, and using this information to identify areas for improvement and make changes as needed. The analytics engine on our onboarding tool can help you get such metrics, including:

-top contributors -new joiners -active contributors -most engaged channels




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