Hightlights from A Discussion With Marco Moshi

Devika Khandelwal, Oct 22, 2022

Q.1 Will mass adoption of DAOs really happen? I believe not every organisation needs to be a DAO. (progressive decentralisation talk)

Ans: Yes, communities are turning into digital nations and people are looking for a new way to connect and build something together while learning about new structures, new aims and see the results we can achieve together.

Q.2 DAOs are inefficient for complexity. How can DAOs reduce their level of complexity?

Ans: Dao Tooling can play a big role here. By using and building great DAO tools communities can create optimum system. Also, something to note is that the centralised orgs are not as efficient either.

Q.3 Not all decisions need to be on-chain vs. a lot of off-chain governance ends in the chaos of countless and endless discussions. Even though many may have an opinion on everything, not everyone has the expertise on every topic that is required for constructive discussion and decision-making. How decentralised should DAOs really be?

Ans: Yes there can be chaos with having everyone participate but it’s creative chaos. And that’s where progressive decentralisation comes into play. People will start projects in a centralised way and then, progressively decentralise. DAOs are the way we lower the barrier of entry, this is where we can scale, this is where we have transparency.

Q.4 Soul Bound Tokens. SBTs have been compared to China’s authoritarian social credit system, which seem straight out of a block mirror episode. They have a good side where SBTs may act like real-life achievement badges or a negative where even criminal history and negative credit score impactors could easily be applied to someone’s Soul Wallet. How do you see them?

Ans: SBTs enable sovereign identities. Having the ability to build sovereign identities enables freedom. Freedom from state identities, you no longer have to share information which is not needed and therefore, we eliminate room for bias against age, gender, nationality. Reputation is the only thing that matters.

Q.5 Talk about a life defining moment that really shaped who you are as a person today.

Ans: When someone randomly air dropped me the tokens to join the Bankless DAO. That was the start to my wonderful journey in the DAO world. Connecting with the community members there was like meeting a relative you wanna spend time with 😂

Q.6 As the DAO Lead of Polygon, instead of asking you what’s your current biggest paint point? I’d like to ask you, what’s something that’s keeping you awake at night?

Ans: Growth. Taking care of the collective growth of the community is something on my mind very often.

Q.7 What are your top 3 tools for DAOs?