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Revolutionise your Community Management with the most Advanced AI Assistant in Web3 that will change the way you operate your Community Forever!

Robin redefines the way you interact with communities

With Robin, you have a smarter and more efficient way to manage your community, allowing you to focus on what matters most – building and growing your network. This is your wingman which assists you in any content creation, consumption, analysis and management.

Manage your community, the smart way!

Kill the 'fomo', join the discussions with Robin's starter ideas 🚀

-Get interesting post ideas while
you sip coffee
-Summarise past discussions like
a mini-wiki
-Robin's sentiment analysis keeps discussions positive and productive
-Generate contextual replies,
feedbacks, posts and much more!

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Make decisions lightning-fast with Robin's proposal superpowers ⚖️

-Faster decision-making that drives results
-Robin does the heavy lifting - so you can create winning proposals
-Analyse and summarise past proposals
-Get participation insights and data

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Managing projects  just got simpler 🫶

-Get more done, with less effort, the AI style
-From chaos to balance, put projects on autopilot
-Create detailed milestone based project tasks
-Assign projects automatically to members based on their skillsets

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...the magic doesn't end here!